We find when we have these hearths and mantles in stock with weathered faces and ends… people are drawn to them, and feel that they need one. They can’t say no to beautiful weathered edges.

This fireplace has a weathered edge Harvest Gold Limestone Mantle and Weatheredge Limestone Hearth… both with natural weathered edges.

When the home owner saw how fake the stone hearth and mantle looked that were delivered to his home… he phoned to see what natural looking options would be available. He couldn’t get himself to use the fake looking pieces that were delivered and was sure we would have something that would match the Harvest Gold Limestone he got from us for the face of his house and fireplace. He put 7 hours driving time in to have more fitting pieces. He is so happy with the more natural results. We even hand tumbled the Harvest Gold mantle so it would blend.

The top of the above hearth was bush hammered, compared to the one below has the hearth polished. Both have natural weathered edges and ends.

In the pic above, the building stone was split from the same Weatheredge Limestone that the hearths were made from.

The tall fireplace (above) was also built with Weatheredge Limestone and was tumbled. The mortar was whitened. They were so happy to have a hearth available with a natural weathered face hearth made from our Weatheredge Limestone from our Quarry on Manitoulin Island.

This customer got the mason to lay a sample panel with an overgrout mortar joint. They are happy with the Weatheredge Limestone’s “Rustic and weathered appeal”, complimented with the overgrout, old looking, bag joint. The sample panel (to the customer’s delight) looked 200 years old immediately.

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