This Weather Faced Limestone waterfall was built in the Leamington ON area and is in the back yard overlooking a large vineyard. Our customer (far left and far right) posed with some of our employees after the waterfall was completed.

This Colonial Classic/Grey Granite falls is an operating display in our show area at Colonial Brick & Stone Inc. in Brunner, ON. Notice that each of the three streams drop different heights to the next bench, adding to its natural beauty. The far right stream has only two drops, the center stream has four drops, and the left stream has five drops. Different drop heights create different sound effects. We roll the water in the three discharges, before spilling over and dropping it into a basin of water again at each step which not only adds oxygen for the fish but oxygenated water is much whiter and is much more visible. Dropping the water into a basin of rolling water adds to the sound and controls splash.

The same falls as above (in the shadows).

One Saturday the boys decided to do some horsing around and brought their horses over to the shop for some unique pictures. Ronald has the lighter horse (left) and still works for us after thirty years.

The darker horse inside the stone trellis is our oldest son Nathanial’s (with him on the right). The disease Cystinosis claimed the lives of both of our sons (Nathanial and Timothy) so we are glad they felt good enough to have some fun as well. The Colonial Brick & Stone sign on the building was hand painted by our second son Timothy. Very fond memories.

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