An aerial view of Elite Blue Granite Oversized Flagstone (front) and squared steps (back row). The Elite Blue Oversized Flagstone is sawn top and bottom for ease of laying (with suction cups if you desire) and has the top surface textured, for a non-skid finish.

Mr. Wagler chuckles, “We can make flagstone and landings up to 15 feet long – that’s usually large enough for most customers.” The texturing really brings the color out and magnifies the veining, making it amazing. This project is 3″ thick, however it is available in 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″, 2″, 3″ and 4″. Other special thickness sizes are also available.

The top step (above) is 2′ wider at the one end, to help installers do curves. You can order one end with added depth of +1′, +2′, +3′ or +4′. You have to specify left or right side, according to the direction of the curve.

This Weatheredge Limestone 7′ length is an example of +1′ on the left end. To explain, the left end is 2 1/2′ and the right end is 1 1/2′, which is 1 foot difference = +1′.

Weatheredge Limestone 4′ steps with 1 1/2′ bed depth, 7″ thick rock faced front edge and a textured top.

A close up view of the finished Elite Blue Oversized Flagstone… it is wonderful to work with!

A whole tractor trailer load of Elite Blue Oversized Flagstone leaving Colonial Brick and Stone.

Here is some 5′ by 8′ Oversized Flagstone being cut in our new wire saw.

This customer was so happy with the stone supplied by Colonial Brick & Stone that he sent a ten seat prop jet to pick up Mr. and Mrs. Elroy Wagler (pic above) to show them how nice the project turned out. The Waglers are standing on Colonial Classic Flamed Granite steps, and behind them is a porch with Elite Blue Granite and a few pieces of Colonial Classic Granite spotted in. Notice how the L Shaped coping gives the illusion that the porch top is 5″ thick slabs of granite, even though it is only 1 1/4″ thick. Mr. Wagler enjoys adding those special touches to projects to make them extraordinary.

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