This customer in the Woodstock, ON area, desired to have some squared split fieldstone, on their garage (addition) to match their existing Split Fieldstone house.

Squared Fieldstone Project in Goldstone ON

The dividing line between the old and new areas is beside the eavestrough down-spout. Eventually the owner wants to neaten up the mortar on the existing stonework, after which the both areas will blend well. It was important to plan for the future.

These triple Fieldstone posts stand at the driveway entrance.

The tall section (above) was the existing home built with local split fieldstone, in the Rostock, ON area.

We supplied and laid the stone (lower section, on the left) to match the existing, with squared split fieldstone. The existing home had walls that were 2′ thick, but we were only given a 5″ ledge to lay the new stone on. (requiring them to be split thinner)

This customer desired to have their addition to their existing farmhouse, to have local split fieldstone in squares and rectangles. It was laid with flush mortar joints so it would match the existing house. The old truck fits the style of stone laying and age of existing brick home.


This house was taken down and the one below was one of the three projects that were completed with the same stone. We did use some quarried granite, which can aid in creating the color blend a customer desires. Some of the quarried granite we add to these projects can be 5-10′ long, if desired for a real talking point.