We took this bubbling rock to the Canada Blooms Flower Show one year in Toronto. A bubbling rock has beauty visually and in sound. This one was made from Colonial Classic Granite.

This is a Red Mica bubbler.

This bubbler was made from a Granite field boulder. Bubbling rocks often are set into smaller spaces. We have a selection of many sizes, heights and shapes of bubblers in stock. Some are mica, quartzite, granite or limestone for added color and texture.

In the second picture above, there is a bird bath on a pedestal on the left. The landscape boulder (in background) has light shining out of the crack.

In the picture above, the bird bath doesn’t have a pedestal. Both are made from Colonial Classic Granite. However, the light boulder was made from Weathered Limestone.

The “Pillar Water Feature” and pond are a more modern setting. The water flows out from under the three caps. The stone used to produce this feature was Elite Blue Granite. Sometimes we have to clamp, or band, a tall narrow pillar while doing the drilling to avoid splitting the piece on the natural veins.

The customer enjoys a tall, shooting fountain rather than just a bubbler. They also enjoy the three pillars that were cut out of Elite Blue Granite as well.

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