We purchased the large core drill, so we could drill firepits, planters, or other things you might imagine out of a huge slab of rock. Also notice the Pizza Oven covered with 20% Harvest Gold Squared and Rectangles and 80% Harvest Gold Ledgerock. Both were tumbled.

Also notice the polished top on the Weatheredge Limestone Table. Notice the one piece leg has the weathered face on it.

This firepit was carved out of a piece of Elite Blue Granite, but can also be drilled out of many other kinds and colors of stone.

To make it really exciting, we have installed a CNC wire saw that will be able to carve amazing shapes into a firepit or sign rock.

Watch for when very unique one piece benches and stair treads with as much as eight steps carved out of one solid piece of stone start coming out in our blogs, and projects.

Working with Natural Stone is so exciting.

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