The Gains Blend project is in Alabama and consists of 75% Elite Blue Granite and 25% Colonial Classic Granite.

This customer in the Hamilton, ON area is so happy with their Elite Blue Granite Drystack Fireplace, that they desired to buy stone from us for their next house, as well. They decided to add 35% of our new Black Mica to darken the color even more. When talking to this gentleman today he reminded me that we also supplied the Elite Blue Granite mantle and hearth. He keeps mentioning how much he “loves the stone.”

The Drystack project below has 20% Colonial Classic Granite added to the Elite Blue Granite. This picture shows night lighting. The project is on Mercer Island in the State of Washington, USA.

If you look through the doorway (on right) you get a glimpse of the hand carved sink that was produced in our shop.

This Weathered Face, sawn height Drystack wall was cut out of Weatheredge Limestone. The pieces are 3, 6, 9, and 12″ tall. The longest piece is approximately 4’8″ long. The counter top on top of this rustic wall is Elite Blue Granite, with “Rock Faced Edges” and has a polished top.

This Drystack wall was cut out of Weatheredge Limestone. It is sawn top and bottom and has a splitface. We used varying heights on different rows which ranged from 2″ to 2 1/2″. It can be laid with all one height as well if desired.