The Nathaniel’s Ranch Blend is Harvest Gold and Brown Limestone. The Timothy’s Blend is Weatheredge Limestone and Elite Blue Granite. Together… you have the Nathaniel and Tim’s Blend featuring all four kinds of stone.

We names these blends in memory of our two sons, that both passed from an incurable disease called Cystinosis. We dearly miss these two boys, but naming these two blends after them was special to us. They helped run our stone plant as long as they were able, and really enjoyed going with us to the Weatheredge 1200 acre quarry on Manitoulin Island. Our family used to sing at several churches, close to our quarry, where our sons joined us until their health didn’t allow.

In the picture above with darker mortar joints, is because the mortar is not cured yet. The same (darker joints) can be achieved by adding a small amount of black color to the mortar.

The mason fitted the stone very accurately to enable such even, tight mortar joints. Notice the texture and depth achieved with this blend.

The wood ceiling, floor, mantle, and trim all blend together well and the natural stone and wood compliment each other. The Weatheredge Limestone Hearth with chiseled edges and textured top also blends well because of the percentage of Weatheredge Limestone that is in the thin veneer also. Seeing stone through a see through clock is interesting… no need to cover nice stone.

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