The “Moon gate pieces” were fabricated from the Weatheredge Limestone from our Quarry on Manitoulin Island. The Inner Edge was Bush Hammered. The Ends were “Hand Rock Faced” to a 2″ depth and you can imagine that challenge since they were 25″ tall and 4′ long.

The front edge you see in the picture above is the “Hand Rock Faced Edge”.

The moon gate during installation. Very precise to make… and lay. Both edges of every piece needed the same exact angle. “Hand Rocking” that distance was a real challenge.

They even sent a drawing in advance for the staircase with a weathered face for this interior area. It will be completed with matching oversized flagstone above and below the rustic stairs.

There is “Cliffside Walls” flowing throughout the interior. There are not many straight walls inside or outside this amazing building.

The window and door Rustic Lintels and sills are amazing. Notice how tight the stone masons fit these large pieces.

The weathered face Lintel above the door is amazing.

We are proud of the talent and effort the stone masons possessed that put this masterpiece together. I am eager to see trees planed on top of the concrete roof… bringing out the true “Cliffside Appearance”. Plans include water flowing over some areas of this Cliffside Building. This project is so much fun.