This sawn and sealed project gives the modern appeal this customer desired.

This customer likes a lot of stone, wood and glass.

Back entrance.

This is a very low rise, linear appearance that was sawn to 1 1/4″, 1 3/4″ and 2 1/4″ heights. Notice the stone face is sawn (not split) on this project.

This close up picture show how the project was laid in rows. The heights were 1 1/4″, 1 3/4″ and 2 1/4″. The front face was sawn and sealed after the installation. Mr. Wagler advises that if you seal a project, be sure the stone work has well cured before applying a sealer and/or color enhancer. Mr. Wagler advises that you try a sealer on a scrap piece of stone first to be sure. Notice the veins in the Tigerstripe stone.

Modern indeed.