A fall time view of the Weatheredge Limestone, Tumbled Olde Mill Blend.

This customer chose to combine modern and rustic appearances. The trendy layout of this home is balanced with the rustic look of the Weatheredge Tumbled Olde Mill Blend. At the customers request, we added a small percentage of the top of the stone, giving those pieces a more weathered and lighter appearance.

Our tumbled stone is actually tumbled in a big barrel to round and soften the edges, and is available in many kinds and colors.

The Weatheredge Limestone Tumbled Olde Mill Blend looks 200 years old upon completion. It is a blend of random, squared and ledgerock. The “Olde Mill Blends” are available in several kinds of stone we produce, and when we tumble the stone it ties all products together, even if our customer desires to mix several colors of stone.

After completing one house of the Tumbled Olde Mill Blend, the demand exploded into people wanting it in several different colors, as well as blends of several colors. Many people enjoy the 200 year old appearance without having to wait 200 years for it.

The back patio is very attractive with timberframe combined with Tumbled Olde Mill Blend in the Weatheredge Limestone. Both look very original.