This is the project that switched Mr. & Mrs. Gains from buying a local stone in their area (Louisiana) to our stone. Mr. Gains stated, “When my wife saw this stone, she just had to have it.”, and they searched until they found Colonial Brick & Stone Inc., the producer of it.

Natural stone is always amazing, indoors and outside. We took our employees to this restaurant for our Christmas dinner so that they would get to enjoy the products they had produced. They felt rewarded and were so proud of their work. They don’t always get to watch the Falls while enjoying their Christmas dinner. The restaurant is on the 3rd floor to get a better view of the Falls. They enjoyed the Falls view, the good food and the reward of seeing the stone they had produced.

This wall is where you enter the dining area. The blend on this project was 70% Elite Blue Granite (greys and blacks) and 30% Colonial Classic Granite (which is multi colored, with greys, pinks and reds). Obviously someone else also seen the beauty in this stone, because we sent enough to do the complete project, but they ran out of stone several more times. We were told that the stone was kept secure and fenced in. Later a carpenter that was working on the site told me, “There was definitely stone being stolen off of the job.” That answered our questions.

This project was laid with drystack joints and the customer purposely ordered a wide variety of heights, giving it a more random height appearance even though all the edges were sawn. We also produce a Sawn Height Drystack that is designed for ease of laying, the heights being 2″, 4″, 6″ 8″, 10″ and 12″ tall. With pre-planned heights, the installers don’t have to pull their hair out from frustration and they feel better in -30 Degree Celsius weather if they can keep their hair.

The two following pictures are two projects that were switched to our stone after seeing this project at Niagara Falls – one from Louisiana and one from Mercer Island in Washington state, surrounded by Pacific Ocean water.

Mr. & Mrs. Gains, who were building their dream home with a river view in Louisiana, had planned on using a local stone on their house. However, while on vacation at Niagara Falls, they seen our stone on the Milestones Restaurant close to the falls. It was so appealing to them that they changed their minds and switched to purchasing ours. They had never seen anything like it before and just couldn’t push it out of their minds as the sparkle and beauty of the blend was so captivating. They were so happy with their choice and we rewarded them by naming the blend that they chose after them – The Gain’s Blend.

Lisa and her husband flew in from Washington state to see the stone at Niagara Falls on the Milestones Restaurant. Their selection was worth their flight.