With black being such an “In Color” it’s been very valuable to have this new Quarry opened. Two years ago it started with a 4 wheeler ride up the mountain to pry out samples to try out in our guillotines and saws. It was a very worthwhile adventure and now with a new road built, trucks can drive to the source for loading.

We took the request to open a Black Quarry very seriously… after hearing many of the original ones were surrounded by city and are fast coming to the end of their Quarry’s Life. We are happy that we have millions of tons of this Midnight Black available, to fill in the gap for depleted quarries. We realize its hard for builders and masons when a stone is no longer available… and we are glad to fill this void for them.

A close up pic of the Midnight Black Squares and Rec’s.

The top left sample board is all “Midnight Black Squares and Rec’s”. The next board to right (also top now) is the “Cheltenham Blend Squares and Rec’s”, which is composed of 40% Midnight Black and 60% Elite Blue Granite.

This customer desired “Black Mortar Color” which deepens the entire wall. The Midnight Black is very sought after by those that like very dark colors. It also gets used as the darkening component to deepen the color of blends.

The Midnight Black is available in (A) Squares and Rec’s, (B) Regular Height Ledgerock (3-7″ height), (C) Low Rise Ledgerock (1-4″ Heights), (D) Sawn Height Building Stone (2 1/4″, 5″, 7 3/4″, and 10 1/2″ Heights) (E) Random Shapes (Mosaic). It is available in Thin Veneer Flats… with amazing “L-Shaped Corners” with some having a return as wide as 8 inches. Our customers are constantly talking about how solid our corners look. The Midnight Black is also available in full bed building stone.