With Black being such a “sought after” color… we decided that the Midnight Black Quarry should be opened and it has not disappointed our customers. People enjoy (a) the dark black color (b) the undulating surface veining (c) its beautiful sparkle and (d) its ability to darken blends by adding whatever percentage of Midnight Black you need to get the dark shade you want.

The close-up picture above shows how easy installers can lay this product easy and fast. The sawn height cutting is all done in advance in our shop… making a “dream come true” for the stone masons. The heights are pre-cut to fit each other with 1/2″ mortar joints.

Work in progress. The “Stone Masons” are so amazed at how they can precisely speed lay this product. More rustic shapes of the “Midnight Black” are also available for people that prefer a more rustic affect.