Yes it is real stone. Notice the opportunity with this beautiful Midnight Black Natural Stone at a time when concrete companies struggle to supply dark colors. To some of our select dealers, we are offering our Midnight Black, at prices matching our Elite Blue Granite ($5-6 / sq. ft. savings) for the rest of 2022. This is a joint effort, with you and Colonial to get some show homes out there, and benefit both of us. We have noticed many customers asking for dark black as a stand-alone stone, or by adding a percentage to a blend to darken a wall. After these requests we have opened this amazing black stone quarry. Join us in the excitement of having such a nice black stone available, we look forward to succeeding together. Some of our customers have seen the advantage of having a highly sought after color that only a small percentage of North American Dealers have. Some dealers are valuing this privilege since some of the manufactured producers have discontinued their dark colors. This is your opportunity.

Yours Truly, Elroy Wagler, Colonial Brick & Stone Inc.

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The house above is “Midnight Black Ledgerock” giving the dark black appeal that is very sought after.

After our first show home the demand for this stone exploded. It is available in a choice of (A) Regular height of 3 to 8″ or (B) Low Rise which is 1 to 3″ height in the Ledgerock (vein face) and is also available in squares and rectangles as well as random shapes or sawn height sizes.

This house is mostly 1 to 3″ Low Rise Midnight Black Ledgerock.

There is also a large percent of 1-3″ height (low rise) Midnight Black on this funeral home. Look for more pictures of this project when it is finished and washed.

For this large Funeral Home, laying the mock-ups helped the owners and the designer decide if they want mortar joints or drystack. They chose drystack and used black bonding mortar, as well as fill in mortar in areas where they didn’t get the perfect tight fit. This insured that if you can see back a tight joint… the dark back-ground gives the effect of a shadow.

The mock-ups (close up) shows that laying a black stone with a light mortar joint looks so different than the section laid with drystack joints.

Notice the Midnight Black Random Thin Veneer Corners below. Our Squared Ledgerock and Sawn Height corners are also very nice.

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