With the sun setting behind the mountains, we were in a race with time to get pics before darkness fell. It was small curvy roads (with switch backs) and a lane so steep you could hear and feel the gravel spinning on the lane going up the mountain. What a view out the glass patio door, overlooking the valley and seeing the mountains behind. With darkness deepening… the camera couldn’t capture what the eye can see… it was an amazing view. This stunning fireplace being approximately 25′ tall is quite a showpiece.

The Breakfast Bar had a sunken counter behind it.

A close-up pic (below) of the chimney on the exterior.

The darker pieces are the “Midnight Black”

The more grey pieces are “Elite Blue Granite”

The brown pieces are “Brown Sandstone”

A picture (below) of the chimney above the roofline.

An exterior view of the entire chimney, approximately 35′ high.

This is a “Log House” stained black on the exterior… the interior is stained light.

The Stone Chimney up against a beautiful and colorful sunset. Our customer told me to drive carefully when we leave…because them mountains can get you. (He knew I grew up on flat land) We were very careful.