With a woodland view in Eastern ON, imagine watching deer through your bathroom window, being careful not to make any sudden movements to startle them. We supplied a customer’s house in the Combermere, ON area. They were so happy with what we supplied that their daughter decided to add our stone to beautify her home as well.

With the areas being covered with stone in the bathroom and also being lower and smaller, our customer asked us to cut the Harvest Gold Limestone to lower heights, with the lowest pieces being 3/4″ tall and the tallest ones 4 – 5″ tall.

The installer made very tight drystack joints, and all the stone was tumbled. When you do drystack joints, either paint the backing black, or put some black mortar at the back of the of the joint, which gives the appearance of a shadow, rather than seeing something bright or light colored in the joint. This makes a drystack project look more realistic and professional. Sunlight or lights can expose the back of joints and extra care must be taken while laying drystack.

In the closeup picture above, you can see two different faces exposed. The bed face pieces are the more golden ones, and the split face ledgerock pieces are the more beige ones. The tumbling makes them blend well.