This new home is not two hundred years old like it appears. The antique door, the used banisters, posts and other lumber, along with the Harvest Gold Limestone Tumbled Olde Mill Blend, fit together so well, to give the “Olde Homestead” appearance our customer desired. The flush (overgrout) mortar joints add the appearance of age to a project.

The Weatheredge Limestone Steps match the window and door sills on the house.

This amazing window well was built with our Weatheredge Limestone Armor Stone and is beautiful both from outside, as well as from inside the home. Some of our customers enjoy having plantings in among the stone, for even more decoration in the view when looking out the window.

This customer chose to have us guillotine the pieces large than normal.

A view from the back corner. They also used steel painted Eves trough and down spouts to fit the look of the era they were achieving.

We also made hand-made, 4″ height window sills to add to the original appeal, from our Weatheredge Limestone.

This beautiful home is nestled into a woodlot with a creek running close by to add to its charm.

This home is part of our house tour if you come to visit.