This home is on Mercer Island, Washington, USA. There is a road and bridge that goes right onto the island, surrounded by “Pacific Ocean” waters. Boats tour the outside island edge, viewing the beautiful homes. We are very pleased to be able to display our stone there. Lisa and her husband chose a blend of 80% Elite Blue Granite and 20% Colonial Classic Granite, which added the pink highlights. They also chose to have the stone layed with drystack joints so we sawed them to 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 inch heights, which made installation easy. We chipped some edges, which exposed added color veins and looks amazing. The pieces were also cut to different depths, giving added depth and a shadow effect.

The living room area is featuring a modern gas fireplace on the left side.


Lisa told Elroy (owner of Colonial Brick & Stone Inc.) that she would like some stone from Manitoulin Island, where she went to visit Grandma as a little girl. We agreed that the perfect place for a special piece would be for Lisa’s powder room sink. Elroy hand selected the perfect piece from his 1200 acre quarry on Manitoulin Island. He left the natural weathered flowing front face undisturbed. We sawed the top, bottom, and back edge and hand carved the sink so it would be visibly a non-perfect shape to match the rustic front. After all this hand work we polished the top, the sink bowl, and the back splash. Lisa was so excited and happy. 

Lisa and her husband flew all the way from the state of Washington, USA to meet with us and view our stone on the Milestones Grill & Bar in Niagara Falls, ON. They were both very happy with us and our stone. We we will share several of their comments.

We get so many comments about the beautiful stonework. We couldn’t be happier. Thanks so much for all you have done for us.
God Bless, Lisa