This water feature gives both beauty and amazing sound effect, as you step inside the front door of this home.

In the picture above we are only running water from the bottom water discharge. In the picture below we are only running water from the top discharge. We built this falls that you have three choices:

(a) running the top discharge only

(b) the bottom discharge only

(c) running both the top and the bottom discharge.

The sound effects vary so much, each option has a different, but beautiful and relaxing sound.

Also notice how the stairs go around three sides of the falls, maximizing the beauty and sound effects from different places. The banister outlook area at the top of the stairs is amazing, where you can get a birds’ eye view of the falls, and take in the sound as well.

One of our pleased customers sitting by the Limestone falls he was so happy with.

He sure decked it out with an abundance of water-lilies. An interesting fact about water lilies is that if you pick most varieties and place them in the water as a table center (first day of blooming), they close as the sun goes down, but reopen for your enjoyment several more days, inside your house.

Another Limestone waterfall installed in the Sebringville ON area. It was pre-built, numbered on the back side, and sent out ready to install.