The #19 Ledgerock Blend is a blend of 5 different limestones.

The dark mantle ties in well with the dark limestone pieces that are blended into the stone blend.

A close-up picture of the #19 Ledgerock Blend. Notice that the corners look so solid and strong, considering it is just 1″ thick thin veneer. The 4 to 8″ wide returns on the L-shaped Corners make such a difference and look so solid.

This customer started by taking the natural stone thin veneer from the floor to under the mantle. Numerous years later, they decided to take it up to the tall ceiling. They were happy that the #19 Ledgerock Blend was still available.

The pictures below also showcase the #19 Ledgerock Blend, however it was tumbled.

This is a wood-fired cookstove, where this Amish family cooks their meals to feed their family. The stone also absorbs heat, and releases it, after the fire dies.

Natural Stone adds beauty to any setting.

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