The new “beautiful stonework” is very fitting in the addition to the Old Farm Homestead.

This angle shows the solid wood beam structure and the wood ceiling. Wood & Natural Stone always compliment each other.

Looking through the dancing flames, you can see into the kitchen on this 2 sided fireplace.

The used hand hewn beam matches the hewn piece above the doorway. The little boy (seen through the glass patio door) was busy trying to keep the dog quiet while we were taking pictures.

This couple would drive an hour from Rockwood to Colonial Brick & Stone Inc. in Brunner, to hand select a few more pieces that were very special to them. They stayed very involved with decisions throughout the project.

A close-up view of the Unique Stone Blend that was chosen.

The “stone mason” was very particular – which shows up in his work.

The stonework on the interior and exterior are laid to match each other.