These are some “Work in Progress” pictures, as well as finished pictures of a Toronto ON project. We revised the #19 Blend to fit the customer’s taste and she was so happy. She drive two hours to visit us and see our products before ordering, and to become acquainted with us as well.

Fireplace close to completion.
Finished picture below of the fireplace above during construction.

Work in Progress
Rita added approximately 10% Squared Harvest Gold Limestone (the tall, golden, dimpled pieces) to the Regular #19 Blend. She chose not to have it tumbled, which gives more crisp edges. Some of our customers desire to have their project tumbled, which softens the edges, giving more of a weather and water worn appearance.

Letter From Customer During Construction of Project:
Hi Elroy,
Hope you are keeping well. I did receive your voicemail last week – thanks for your continued support and care/concern. It has been a very busy time and we are moving forward very quickly with the contractor that is helping me finish the project. I have attached some current pictures. Very happy with the progress! The full chimney stack is completely done now – unfortunately scaffolding is still around it as they are installing the chimney cap this week. Once it’s down I will share a final photo. It looks amazing!! Pictures shared on this email are from the interior fireplace, the fireplace on our outdoor porch and the work being one on this side of the house.
Hope you enjoy them. Always love to hear from you.

Even low walls, or covering the concrete on a foundation looks awesome in Natural Stone Thin Veneer. Even as an afterthought, it can be added and look like it was always planned. The L-Shaped corners create the full thickness appearance.


Rita’s Testimonial: I never stop sharing my stories with people as to my wonderful experience I had with you and your company.Thanks for your continuous support and care. I absolutely love the finished look, and the “Rita Blend” that you and I put together is amazing. I’m glad I didn’t choose anything less beautiful. I hope you have received the pictures I have sent and are as pleased as we are with the overall look of your stone on our house. Thanks so very much again, always love to hear from you, Rita