Notice the natural appearance of the “Weathered Face” on our Weatheredge Limestone Armor Stone, which looks like it is a “Natural Outcropping”. Our customer chose 8-12″ heights and pieces small enough that they could handle them with their small tractor and loader. The Weatheredge Limestone Quarry produces armor stone to heights of: 8-12″, 12-16″, 16-20″, 20-24″, 24-30″, 30-36″, 36-42″ and 42-48″ and can be used for retaining walls or sea wall protection.

The Thin Veneer sill is made from the same Weatheredge Limestone. Our Niece and Nephew, that built this nice shop, with a lot of courage and energy tackled all the stonework on this project and had not had stone laying experience before.

They did an amazing job… the sills are perfectly straight, the Armor stone is laid well, and the Thin veneer is laid well and the stone and mortar joints are neat and clean.

They chose a blend of squared Elite Blue Granite and two kinds of Earthtone Sandstone… which really tied the shop colors in with the gold bricks on their house. This did require extra effort to blend three kinds of stone with varying heights and varying colors which they did like a pro.

The size of their loader tractor dictated how heavy the stone could be. If the back wheels come off the ground… they had to gather 3 or 4 neighbors together to sit on the back end (joke). If you did that you might need several more to take pictures and five or ten more to laugh and make sure they didn’t miss any of the action.

That would be quite a way to gather a whole neighborhood together.

A natural Weathered Face and top looks so natural.

You choose angled ends to achieve the curve you desire.