Thanks to John and Erica for choosing our stone to use along with the timber frame and other wood used throughout their home.

The “L Shaped Full Bed Corners” do so much for a project like this.

This is full bed stone (3 – 5″ bed depth)

Notice the return on the “L Shaped Corner” is up to 16″ compared to normal full bed corners that usually max 5″. The added 11″ return on a corner looks like an original stone house (like they used to be built). In the old days, the big solid pieces were used as the structural pieces on the corners, creating stability for the beam structure to sit on.

Mr. Wagler finds that many people appreciate his extra efforts to make each project special and truly amazing.

John and Erica’s Random Blend consists of:

20% Nova Creek Black Granite

15% Nova Creek Black Granite with Brown

35% Brown Limestone

20% Tumbled Harvest Gold Limestone

10% Tigerstripe Limestone

They all had the bed faced exposed and were mostly random in shape.

They also built the flower bed out of the same blend of stone, and also used our Weathered Face Weatheredge Limestone steps at the bottom right corner in the picture above. Notice the inside of the window well is matching stone.

The new addition to the house (right) blends well with the existing original house (left). Our customer chose to show more stone and less mortar than the old house. The chimney on the existing house is new stone (thin veneer) to match the stone we supplied on the new addition.

The project looks amazing with “night lighting” as well.