This Store, Fresh fish fry restaurant, Ice Cream Bar, and Gas Station west of North Bay in Northern, ON took pride in having some beautiful stonework on their buildings.

There are Black Bear hand carvings throughout the interior and exterior of their stores.

Matching Elite Blue Granite Post Caps were also used on this project. We have already sent up several hexagon shaped matching post caps for next years project, where hand carved bears will be standing on them. I am excited to visit again when that portion of the job is done, and look forward to another fresh fish dinner which was really amazing.

A close up picture of the post. They used black mortar joints to highlight each piece.

Watch for falling bears inside and outside this store. (joke)

The Elite Blue Granite support posts add charm to the inside of this store.

This is a pretty big boy outside the Ice Cream Store. I don’t think I want him following me out to my canoe, when I am holding an Ice Cream Cone… Even if he holds an oar.

Outside the Ice Cream Parlor.

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