This Blend is: 55% Elite Blue Granite Squared
  10% Elite Blue/Brown Squared
     20% Georgetown Light Squared
15% Eden Mills Rustic Ranch
It was pleasant supplying Elroy’s( the owner of Colonial Brick and Stone) nephew and niece with their own unique blend of natural stone. Jake & Cheryl liked the color, sparkle and veining in the Elite Blue Granite, but wanted the buffs, tans and browns in the Georgetown and the Eden Mills to tie in well with the brick on their house. They did the install themselves and it is an amazing job, considering it is the first stone thin veneer project they did.
The window sills are 3″ x 3″ with a rock faced front and drip underneath. They were cut from Colonial’s 1200 acre Weatheredge Limestone Quarry on Manitoulin Island, ON. Notice how precise and tight the mortar joints are and were tooled to a recessed joint. Also notice our customer chose to have the Georgetown Light ( large squares) and the Eden Mills Rustic Ranch (more brown pieces) tumbled but wanted the Elite Blue Granite left untumbled. This kept the added sparkle and beautiful veining in the Elite Blue Granite to its maximum potential.
Notice how clean Jake kept the stone. We recommend keeping a sponge and water close by, in the event you get mortar on the stone where you don’t want it. This works well to clean stone, rather than letting it get hard and stain the stone. The damp sponge also helps to liquefy and clean mortar stain right back to the mortar joint.
Jake and Cheryl testify to be extremely happy with their stone from Colonial. Their smiles showed their inner feelings. Colonial Brick and Stone Inc. is proud of Jake’s quality workmanship during installation.