Elite Blue Granite Sawn Height Building Stone was used inside this home at Lake Ramsey in Sudbury.


This hand carved stone tub is in the mountains of Colorado, in Bobby Hull’s house. Notice the natural fieldstone outer edge, which makes this tub very special.


Colonial Brick and Stone received a phone call from Lisa Tall. She wanted something from Manitoulin Island on her house on Mercer Island, in the state of Washington. The reason for choosing this location to purchase her stone from was because of fond memories of visiting her Grandma there. Our craftsmen carved the sink with a hand carved shape, to be more fitting with the natural front weathered edge. Lisa was so happy with her powder room sink.


The stone on the walls of the two above pictures is Elite Blue Granite Sawn Height Drystack, with 20% Colonial Classic Granite as pink color highlights. Lisa and her husband flew in from Washington state to view this stone, after seeing pictures of projects.