Natural Stone Products give new life to any home. The beauty of nature in your home can bring a warmth and comfort unlike anything else. It’s natural durability and beauty will be something to be enjoyed for years to come.

Add warmth and style to your home interiors with our wide selection of natural stone thin veneers. You can sit back and relax by a flickering fireplace that is surrounded by warm limestone earthtone shades of color or deep rich granites that sparkle in the light of the fire. The stone used for this fireplace is weatheredge limestone, tumbled ledge rock, and the white pieces are the weathered bed and ledgerock face.


This is one of our earth tone colors.The customer chose a hand hewn wooden beam for a mantle, and the hearth is weatheredge limestone with a natural top and edge. It is displayed in the showroom of Doodle Creek Kennels (Atwood area).


 Our Natural Stone comes in many different varieties. Each kind has its own characteristics and strengths. Natural Stone not only adds beauty to residential homes, but it also increases the value. The stone used in this fireplace is the weathered face of our Weatheredge Limestone Ledgerock. Split face is also available.


This unique fireplace, in one of the northern states of the US, has a very interesting design with stones from all over the world. Elite Blue Granite has been used to surround the fireplace opening and for the lintel and hearth pieces. We commend the mason who did the amazing work of creating and laying this incredible design.


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