Two Grandsons…

Kenton: “Have you been a mason long?”

Mason’s answer: “All my life. My name is Mason.”

The grandsons enjoyed being part of taking down the old summer kitchen and woodshed from our house.

This is the last section of our home to have “Weatheredge Limestone Northern Collection” installed on it.


It would have left the house with a very patched appearance if we would have left this wall with parts of it having new siding.

We took all the old siding off, repaired rotting wood, and put Weatheredge Limestone on to match the rest of the house.

A winter scene, like we often get in Canada, with hoar frost on the trees.

Hoar frost is so beautiful as the close-up picture shows.

The Weatheredge Limestone has been cut to sawn height size, being 5″, 6″, and 11 1/2 “. These dimensions fit together with 1/2″ mortar joints. Even though the stone masons love this stone for speed laying, with a whole row of 5″ height, then a whole row of 6″ height, you don’t think of it as being in rows, because of how the 11 1/2” pieces break up the wall.

A summer view of the front of our house. It’s hard to imagine that the old summer kitchen and woodshed covered part of the left section of the house including the bottom left window. Now the front matches beautifully.

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