Brown ON Limestone Square Cut Flagstone with shot blast finish.

This stone water feature was built with Tumbled Harvest Gold Limestone Tumbled Old Mill Blend to match the house. The cap is Brown Limestone and has water coming out from under the cap which runs into the pool. Running water is always so relaxing.

These customers decided they didn’t want to look at so much concrete on this side wall so they had us cover it with thin veneer, matching the full bed stone above it. When it was finished, one would believe it was always part of the foundation’s structure, even though it is only 1 inch thick. The L shaped corners with a 4 – 10″ return makes a wall look original and strong. The picture above doesn’t have mortar in the joints yet (in the thin veneer portion).

The Square Cut Flagstone is Brown ON Limestone with a shot blast finish. This picture is from the same area as the one above but with the concrete foundation completely covered with thin veneer, the mortar joints filled and the walkway finished as well. Looking at the corner, there is no indication that the thin veneer is only 1″ thick. We have supplied this customer with numerous projects over many years, and she was so happy that the Harvest Gold Limestone is still available. Her first project was approximately 30 years ago.