We quarry, guillotine and tumble this stone, and then our men even laid it on this local project. This is one of the houses on our local tour with our visitors.
The homeowner is so happy with the stone and work that if they see us bring a customer to view the home, they come out to tell them how happy they are with us and our stone. It’s a real, live testimony every time. 
The red wood siding part of the house is actually a log cabin underneath. They left the logs exposed under the back porch and inside the house. The old logs and the Harvest Gold Limestone compliment each other so well.
With our son Timothy standing at the corner, you can see how large the pieces can be guillotined. This customer chose not to use one piece lintels above the windows – however, lintels up to fourteen feet long do leave quite a statement and are available in Harvest Gold Limestone. We have fun doing things that drop jaws and leave people wondering how it was even possible. Even though this is full bed stone 3 – 5″ thick, we hand carved the back out of some of the pieces to make a L shaped full bed corner. Notice the sixth piece from the bottom is a  5″ tall piece of Ledgerock approximately 2 -2 1/2
feet long with a 1 1/2 foot return around the corner (yet only 3 – 5″ in depth). Many people have been amazed.
This picture is special to us since both of our sons, Nathaniel and Timothy, have passed from a disease called Cystinosis. One night I was emailing this picture to many of our friends and dealers with Tim sitting beside me. As I sent each email, I told Tim where it had went (British Columbia, Pennsylvania etc), and he was so happy. Looking back I am glad for everything that we did to make life as enjoyable for them as possible. After he died, his sisters mentioned that he had enjoyed posing for pictures, which I hadn’t noticed. I was even more grateful then for that special time that we had had together that night. We loved our boys dearly, and it was hard to have to give them up, but we recognize that when God in his mercy took them home to be with him, it was God’s love being shown to them and us.
We would like to encourage all parents to be kind to your children while you still have the privilege. We had the realization for over thirty years that we would be giving our sons up to Cystinosis someday, and tried to be careful so that we would have good memories. We thank the Lord for the privilege of having our sons as long as we did.
The Harvest Gold Tumbled Olde Mill Blend is a blend of squared, random and ledgerock shapes. The squared and random are the bed face of the stone and are more golden, compared to the ledgerock which is split against the grain and is more beige. We can easily alter the overall color of the project by adjusting the percentage of the bed or ledge face. 
The project was laid with flush, rustic mortar joints, giving the appearance that house is 100 – 200 years old. The window sills are made from Weatheredge Limestone from Colonial Brick & Stone Inc. and have a hand chiseled front edge.
This is a close up picture of the sill (4″ in height).
This home is very pretty – especially as it is nestled into the edge of a mature bush with a river running through it. The Harvest Gold Limestone was very fitting for the natural setting and is beautiful in all four seasons.