The Harvest Gold Limestone Tumbled Olde Mill Blend is a blend of (a) Squares & Rec’s (b) Ledgerock and (c) Random. Tumbling this blend, visually adds several hundred years to its appearance.

The “Bed-Face” pieces (the Squares & Rec’s as well as the random pieces) are the more yellow pieces in the blend.

The color can be altered by increasing the “Ledgerock Portion” (the more beige pieces) in the blend. The color can be altered even more by adding Brown or Weatheredge Limestone… as well as exposing weathered faces, or tops of slabs.

Surrounding products (roof, trim, siding)affect the color of stone as well as adding mortar color.

The breezeway connects the “main house” to the “granny flat” and protects from sun, rain, and snow.