This Customer from Drayton, ON chose very long (13ft.) very rustic, Harvest Gold Limestone Steps, with natural top and weathered front edge as the main entrance for their home.

The Harvest Gold Limestone Steps match the Building Stone which was “Harvest Gold Tumbled Olde Mill Blend”. This Blend is 50% squares and rectangles 30% Ledgerock, and 20% random.

The front porch.

A close-up picture showing how solid and strong a corner looks with “L-Shaped Corners”. When some of them have a 6 to 12″ return… it changes the look from veneer to structural. These amazing corners are not only available in the thin veneer, but in full-bed as well, giving all projects a very original and strong appearance. One time as Elroy had finished laying a stone corner, he asked a “passer-by” how thick he thought the wall was. After observing the 12″ return on a corner piece he said 2 ft. because the original stone houses had two layers of stone. Elroy was very happy he had achieved the appearances on that first project 45 years ago that his customer wanted and has been promoting that though ever since.

Walk out basement. When the “Tumbled Olde Mill Blend” is laid, it has an immediate 200 year old, original appeal, as soon as the scaffold comes down. That is what is making it so popular with our customers.

We also hand crafted the contrasting Weatheredge Limestone window sills at 4″ height and a rock faced (hand chiseled front face) a chunky sill goes well with big pieces of stone.

The pictures were taken toward the house to show the stone, however, what adds to the beauty of this property is the many acres of Evergreen Forest with natural ravines, making it a perfect setting for a natural stone house.

Coming around the back corner of this house we built a retaining wall with Weatheredge Limestone Armor Stone and matching “Weathered Faces” on the steps. The Weatheredge steps are available in both weathered face or hand chiseled.

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