The front entrance doors, on the front porch.

The wood ceiling on the front porch fits the Natural Stone so well.

The stone mason fit the natural stone nicely to the wood ceiling.

The style of light fits the natural stone so well.

A close-up picture of one of the lights, showing how you can see the stone through the glass.

Comments from our customer:

1.”Just wanted to say thanks for sending another load of stone so quickly- it is much appreciated! Beautiful product for sure! Have a wonderful week! Colin”

2. “I’ve had most people tell me not to spend money on real stone, but after they saw it they said WOW, glad you spent it on real stone. Once I am dead and gone, another family can enjoy it.” (The customers exact words)

*Notice the change in attitude after the people saw how nice natural stone really is.

Natural Stone right up to the gable.

The “Harvest Gold Limestone Tumbled Olde Mill Blend” is a blend of (a) Squares and Rec’s (b) Ledgerock and (c) Random Shapes giving a very aged appearance.

We also made the hand chiseled window sills from our “Weatheredge Limestone”. These sills were 4 in. height and 6 in. depth.

The full height chimney was also built with the Harvest Gold Tumbled Olde Mill Blend.

Below: the Man Door entrance to the garage.

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