With the driveway meandering through the trees of this woodlot, you come to this amazing house.

This customer chose the Harvest Gold Limestone Tumbled Olde Mill Blend. This blend gives a very original appeal.

The Harvest Gold Tumbled Olde Mill Blend was taken right up to the gable end of the garage wall.

Notice our full-bed “L-Shaped Corners” with the returns having a return depth of up to 14 inches (around the corner). This gives a solid, structural appearance, like the original stone buildings had.

Notice how solid this corner looks with the “L-Shaped Corners”, that could not be acheived without them.

A note from our customer: “I did notice the “L-Shaped Corners”, they are so important! Great advice Elroy!”

It’s obvious that they are very impressed with their “L-Shaped Corners”

The drive of 3 hours to this home was very rewarding for my wife and I to get to see the finished project… an enjoyable day.

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