If you were to estimate the age of this home… would you choose two hundred-fifty or fifteen years? Even though the Harvest Gold Limestone “Tumbled Olde Mill Blend” may appear to be two hundred-fifty years old, as soon as the scaffold comes down, this new home was built approximately fifteen years ago. Many people appreciate how old and original our “Tumbled Olde Mill Blends” look. This section is 50% Squared, 30% Random, and 20% Ledgerock. The stone was tumbled which softens the edges and adds to the weather worn appearance.

The area around the light is 45% Squared, 50% Random, and just 5% Ledgerock. Again all are tumbled.

This area is 50% Squared, only 10% Random, and 40% Ledgerock.

All of the “Tumbled Olde Mill Blend” projects in this post are Harvest Gold Limestone. However the same blend is also available in

(a) Weatheredge Limestone

(b) Cambridge Light Grey Limestone

(c) Elite Blue Granite

as well as any blend of some or all of them.

The house above and below is in Cambridge, ON and is built with the “Harvest Gold Limestone, Tumbled Olde Mill Blend.”

Notice the “arched Soldier Coarse” above the garage doors.

In all the pictures above, gray mortar was used.

On the last picture notice how the green siding and the tan mortar colour affects the stone colour. The tan mortar brings out the yellow in the stone.