This interior stonework made an amazing change to this project. The Harvest Gold Limestone Tumbled Olde Mill Blend looks so original. The wide stone arch, even though it is 1″ thick veneer, looks so strong and structural due to the “L shaped” corners on both edges.

The interior walls did not have granite added like the exterior ones do on this project. This customer requested to have a small amount of low rise pieces added to the Tumbled Olde Mill Blend.

Three arches are visable from this view. The wood and stone compliment each other so well.

Notice this customer has chosen to use very small pieces in smaller areas, and larger pieces in the larger areas. There is an amazing woods view from the bathtub and shower.

The customer chose the most very thin (low rise pieces) in the shower area. They desired to have a lot of variety from one area to another. The biggest difference was when they decided to add the Elite Blue Granite to the stone on the exterior.

The next two pictures are of the exterior of the same home that the first pictures are showing the beauty of the interior.

This project is in Combermere ON area. We had supplied this customer’s parents entire house with stone. Its beauty impressed their daughter so much that she wanted us to supply stone for her house as well. They kept changing the blends in the different areas, and are so happy with their choice and the difference the variety makes.

This house has Elite Blue Granite added to the outside only. Notice the angled thin veneer corners that are much nicer and stronger than having a long vertical mortar joint the entire height of the corner. It not only looks stronger, but is stronger.