The top three pictures of the Squared Harvest Gold Limestone are not tumbled. Non-tumbled projects are for those that enjoy sharper, crisp edges and are often laid with recessed mortar joints.

These gate posts, walls and pillars enhance the entrance to the Van Dongens Nursery & Garden Centre in Oakville ON.

These last three pictures are the same Squared Harvest Gold Limestone, but they are tumbled. The difference is noticeable.

Narrow posts in Tumbled, Squared Harvest Gold Limestone. The stone mason put a lot of work into so many pillars. The pillars and barbecue are Thin Veneer in effort to keep the weight down, since everything is built on a wood structure.

The pillars and stair wall on this project match the Tumbled Harvest Gold Random Flagstone. Sorry the sciff of snow is hiding the Tumbled Flagstone’s beauty. Also notice the rustic Harvest Gold Limestone post and wall caps. This customer desired to use brown color in the mortar joints which deepens the color of the project. They also used Harvest Gold Limestone steps. The Harvest Gold Limestone was chosen because the golden color blended so well with the existing yellow brick home.