This load is leaving for PA. I think it’s fair to call this flagstone oversized. If you had the 3 long pieces touching end to end, they would stretch from end to end of this long trailer. Our dealer who is a third generation stone distributor and and processing facility was astounded to see such long pieces. He said he had never seen a stone that could be dug out of the ground with powerful equipment and stay in such long lengths. When he visited, he saw what we called a “one piece sidewalk slab” and he just had to buy it. It was 22′ long and 3′ wide which he later sold to a golf course to be a one piece fireplace hearth for their clubhouse. To see such enthusiasm and interesting projects makes work fun.


This is the display built for the “International Plowing Match” at Listowel, Ontario. Perth County asked if Colonial Brick & Stone would dress up their exhibit a bit…*Elroy chuckles*… so we did.


When such massive pieces of flagstone are used, a project looks so natural. It looks like you took a dozer, started scraping soil, and hit rock. It’s always fun working with such amazing pieces. 


Musicians used our waterfalls and patios for performance and pictures. The piece that the lower group is standing on is approximately 22′ by 7′ (and is one solid piece). Also notice the two one piece bridges allowing visitors to walk over the water in the creek that is taking water away from the falls.

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