This blend gives you a squarish but linear appearance. The squared pieces (bed face) are the more yellowish or gold pieces compared to the Ledgerock which is more beige in color. You can greatly alter the color of these projects by using more or less of the Squared (golden face) or the Ledgerock (beige face).

Color choices of stucco, window trim, soffit, fascia, roof or any other parts of a project can change a whole project. Mr. Wagler says that it is valuable time spent to be sure that you are happy with your colors. Take color samples along when you choose your stone.

Tumbled Harvest Gold Ledgerock

This Tumbled Harvest Gold Limestone Ledgerock house is in Wellesley ON. Notice the “Quion Corners”, as well as the “Row Lock” around the window is extended approximately 1″.

Under the porch of the same property.

Notice the bottom three pictures are all Tumbled Harvest Gold Limestone Ledgerock (beige vein face) and do not have Squared (golden face) added.