Kitchen in Nova Scotia


This Harvest Gold Limestone Ledgerock Kitchen is split face and not tumbled. Notice the three layers of Harvest Gold that are more yellow/gold in color, and layed as bands. They are the bedface of the same stone and are more dimpled in texture. In this case they are sawn height with two layers being 2 1/4″ height (the third and fourth rows from the top). The bottom layer is sawn height 5″. You can control color by using more ledgerock (if you want more beige color), or choose sawn height, squared, or random shapes if you want to bring out more golds and yellows. Tumbling this stone alters the color also. It also softens the edges, giving more of a weathered and water worn appearance (as in the two pictures below).


This house is in Wellesley, ON and the Harvest Gold Limestone Ledgerock has been tumbled. We quarry this limestone on Manitoulin Island. It holds its beautiful color, which makes it stand out compared to the ones that lose their color.


This house is near Combermere, ON. This customer chose to add Elite Blue Granite to the blend to spot some darker pieces into the wall. This project was tumbled.