Stone arches look so strong (when using the L Shaped Corners).

This customer chose to add extra low heights which are usually not part of the Tumbled Olde Mill Blend.

All the pictures in this post are inside the same home, however, the customer chose to change percentages of different shapes and sizes in the same area for variety. In this area they increased the percentage of Random Harvest Gold Limestone, and added some Elite Blue Granite (which are the darker pieces).

Natural stone looks so good in any setting, however, surroundings can still affect the setting. In the picture above the stone is with a tile floor and wood ceiling.

This small section of Harvest Gold Limestone is so charming with the old table and hand painting.

This customer used some pieces of thin veneer to make shelves in the wall.

Our customer chose to lay the Harvest Gold Tumbled Olde Mill Blend with very precise, recessed mortar joints. Some customers desire over grout, more rustic joints to match a totally different rustic taste.