Mr. & Mrs. Gains, who were building their dream home with a river view in Louisiana, had planned on using a local stone on their house. However, while on vacation at Niagara Falls, they seen our stone on the Milestones Restaurant close to the falls. It was so appealing to them that they changed their minds and switched to purchasing ours. They had never seen anything like it before and just couldn’t push it out of their minds as the sparkle and beauty of the blend was so captivating. They were so happy with their choice and we rewarded them by naming the blend that they chose after them – The Gain’s Blend.

The Gain’s Blend is sawn top and bottom to 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12″ heights for ease of laying drystack. They also chose to have the ends sawn on the flats. The corner pieces have the return corner split and both edges sawn.

Inside the screened in porch – stone with wood ceiling and wood lintels above window openings and doors is amazing.

The outdoor room has roll down bug screens. Notice the polished Elite Blue Granite hearth slab on the fireplace, which also has polished edges and rounded corners. A river view is always beautiful, especially when bush land is part of the view.

Stone always looks good in any kitchen or serving areas.

The Gain’s Blend consists of:

80% Elite Blue Granite (the grey to black pcs)

15% Colonial Classic Granite (the grey with pink veining pcs)

5% McFinn Pink Granite (the lighter pink pcs)

Notice we cut this project with varying depths, to give a nice shallow effect. We also recommend using black mortar for the base coat, which makes a crack in the joint also look like a shadow rather than bright white or grey mortar in the joint.

Wood ceilings, brick arches and natural stone is a good combination on this ceiling shot.

Notice the old style wooden shutters, which are not only for show, but usable. This is an amazing combination of natural stone, wood, bricks and stucco.