Notice the mottled, dimpled appearance that is available on the bed-face of this beautiful limestone. We even found some fossils in it. We found the Weatheredge Limestone to be very colorful, especially when split with the grain. After laying some on our own house ten years ago, we have proof that it is still amazingly colorful, compared to some limestone that loose most of their color in one to two years. We have numerous limestones that hold their color, but also have some that don’t. We feel it is our responsibility to make people aware if they choose one that doesn’t, so they know in advance. This stone is also very dense and has one of the lower water absorption ratios in the country.

This Distribution Office is in St. Marys, ON. The Weatheredge Limestone is all sawn to 7 3/4″ height, and is split with the grain. It is very fitting for any new building in St. Marys to have limestone on it, as the town was built on Limestone and has many of the beautiful old limestone buildings still standing.

We saw this stone against the grain and than split it with the grain to get this appearance.