It was important that we squared this fieldstone for this barn so it would match the existing fieldstone house.

The squared fieldstone fits so well with the timber frame and board and batten siding.

The rustic timber frame side entrance, along with the squared fieldstone add charm to the barn’s side entrance. Notice the timber frame is held together with wooden pegs. (Easier seen in the front, around the corner.)

The length of some of these pieces being approximately 6′ took a lot of effort to make, square and lay, but the finished project is so rewarding. The owners wife was so happy with the whole project that she gave the “thumbs up” numerous times while showing off the stonework. Notice the beautiful veining in the longest piece in this picture.

The squared fieldstone makes the back of this barn very attractive as well.

We also “Hand Crafted” the Weatheredge Limestone Sills, 4″ thick with a hand chiseled front edge.

Notice the length of some of these pieces, which were hand crafted from natural Granite and fieldstone.

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