A lot of us have dealt with moisture and mold in our homes, especially on the exterior walls. Quite often these problems exist due to poorly installed windows and doors, and the lack of proper moisture barriers and drainage.

Good drainage is imperative when installing any type of absorptive siding, including Natural Stone and Brick veneers. Without it the damage done by moisture getting into the walls can lead to thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs. 

I was introduced to an interesting article by “The Journal of Light Construction” It very well illustrates the importance of proper drainage. You can read the article by clicking on this link: “Avoiding Stucco Buckets”

At Colonial Brick and Stone Inc. we use a drainage product called “Delta-Dry” Check out some of the details below or click here for more information.

• DELTA®-DRY & LATH is easy, safe, and quick to install 

• The 2-in-1 solution reduces labor costs when used with claddings requiring scratch coat

• DELTA®-DRY & LATH has a pre-installed glass lath, which makes it ideal for installing absorptive claddings 

• Drainage and ventilation through the air gap on the interior and exterior side of the membrane 

• Long-term structural integrity due to a reduced potential for water  

• The pre-installed, alkali-resistant glass lath is in compliance with ICC-ES AC 275 (MVMA requirements) 

• Meets ASTM E2925-17 (Standard Specification for Manufactured Polymeric Drainage and Ventilation Materials Used to Provide a Rainscreen Function)