A close-up pic. under the Bay Window, showing the matching 4″ thick Weatheredge Limestone Windowsill.

After the new Garage Door was installed.

The Weatheredge Limestone Northern Collection is sawn to heights that fit each other with 1/2″ mortar joints which is: 5″, 6″, and 11″ heights.

Notice the long stone lintels and keystone, above the door. We always beef up the “Steel Lintels” (angled irons) much taller and stronger than the steel companies normally sent to avoid having the masonry work getting cracks all over the mortar joints. Note that the stone mason gets the blame when cracks appear in the wall when often someone other than him didn’t supply strong enough steel angle iron lintels to support the weight above them.

We did the “Quoin Corners” with alternating long and short pieces and used all 11 1/2″ heights. We also extended them approximately 1″ forward from the rest of the stone work so they “stand out” more.

A close up pic. of the Quoin Corners.

We also used matching “Weatheredge Limestone” Sills and Lintels. The sills are 4″ thick with a rock faced edge and the Lintels are 11 1/2 tall, have a Bush Hammered face and are extended 1″ from the face of the “Tumbled Weatheredge Northern Collection”.

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