Tumbled Weatheredge Limestone Northern Collection, 5″, 6″, and 11 1/2″ heights. These pieces are sawn top and bottom and fit each other with 1/2″ mortar joints.

In the pic. above the old summer kitchen and wood-shed is being dismantled. In the pic. below (left section of house) you see the same wall, after the Sawn Height Weatheredge Limestone Northern Collection (thin veneer) is installed.

Hard to believe it’s the same house. My wife noticed a big difference when the sun hits this wall in the afternoon (the house is much cooler). We not only tightened the wall more, but the rain screen creates a significant amount of air movement behind the stone and mortar, keeping the interior much cooler.

The east wall, when the lilacs were in full bloom.

Canadian Wintertime scene.

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