This customer was so happy that they are already planning their next project. The Sawn Height Elite Blue Granite is cut to fit each other with 1/2″ mortar joints, for ease of laying.

Notice the thick hearth and mantle made from the same matching Elite Blue Granite. It took a few grunts out of our boys to get these heavy pieces in place. We hand craft them in our shop. When the veining flows the full length of long pieces like this… it’s beautiful.

Even though this massive fireplace (from floor to ceiling) is large and makes a stunning statement, notice how little space it actually takes out of the room (shown in the picture below.)

Side view.

An “End view”. The wide returns on some of the L-shaped Thin Veneer Corners makes a corner look so solid and strong, especially when some of them are up to 10″ return.

For interest sake:

(a) How many of our readers know what the spinning wheel was used for?

(b) How many have seen their Grandma or Great Grandma using one? or

(c) Have seen one being used somewhere?…

It would be interesting to hear.

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